"Sometimes I wanna go back in time & punch myself on the face."-( 이한기 )

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BL Fanart Medley
16 April 2014
On this rainy evening , cool breeze coming out from my window while me in kain batik in front of my laptop is fascinated by these :

ME :

I'm a light fujoshi , but I enjoy smut fanfics (JiKook only). 
don't judge me .

Hectic 4
09 April 2014

A hell of good gooddd 4 . 
4 days .

Sorry but tbh I slept with Miura Haruma & celebrated his birthday together hugging each other on bed , the next thing I remembered was waking up in his arms & he wouldnt let me go so I missed my first briefing of my licensed . LOL . Then I went to Ted's & had a sleepover after a long time not spending time with his family which also mine's too . Kenduri ,all those stuff . The next day , went to Alor Star with Nasuha & My Kak Cik *konon nak pergi Karnival Mara* . It ended up fucking crazed with my bunch of friends from Sungai Petani which were Aegyo Queen , BhaiBil , Che Nad , Diva & oh Afiq , Ainul's boyfieee . Alright but then Miss Nasuha sleepover my house , of course sapa tak kenal NSUEW , talkative , NO TALK-ACTIVE . Hahaha seriously , so all we do were talk talk talk about this & that , SINGING ! dont foget to add that . Aisehhh so tonight I just got back from..... GYM lol laugh ppl . hahaha etceli lemak ai ni dah lama bertempek kat perut , so I hope that I'll keep this up for two months . Gym is fucking awesome , my body started to feel lighter , I miss doing sports so much T^T So I made love with the treadmill & burned plus/minus 200 calories , so sad athelete pencen ni haa , hahaha Ok so wish me kurus ASAP -w-

*bad writing , I know , malas nak tulis lawa2 . 

Cuz I Wanted To
25 March 2014
Hello hello hellllo . 
I was actually going to update yesterday but apparently, I didn't . 

Because I promised to update when I've finished reading Fanfics right after , it means I ended up reading fanfics all-day-long mwehehe . IT'S AN ADDICTION ! Nahh not really , I only read JiminxJungkook/BTS otp fanfics , other than that , NOT INTERESTED . SO I've got my SPM result , nothing much happening , got 4As only . A lil sad and dissapointed but when I flashback through the SPM weeks , I didnt spend my time studying but watching Running Man , Reading Wattpad , Sleep , Eat , Eat again and OH ! Poop . 

LET BY GONE BE BY GONE , I dont need be envied of my friends achievements , they earned while idk what the hell was going on back then . NEW TARGET ! ANUGERAH DEKAN ! wihihihi just a serious shit that I'll prove myself that I AM ATHIRAH IZZATI ONCE AGAIN . Not the pathetic useless athirah that I used to be in Mad Jiwa . SHAME ON U ATHIRAH . Today I got an offer from idk what college is that , it's DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY . Again , NOT INTERESTED . Without hesitant I mumbled, "Dad, can I throw this away?" I'm looking forward to get offers in Engineering field , hopefully there are universities that'll accidentally pulled out my details and say "TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY ATHIRAH IZZATI , I'm picking you cuz I feel like to ." Wonderful isn't it ? Keep on dreaming til I drooled all over my bed then suddenly the whole Kodiang are flooded with my saliva . Euw ? HAHAHA

My entry today . Keep it short , 150cm like me . Hahaha . PEOPLE PLEASE STOP HIDING IN YOUR SHELL , YOU AINT GETTING PRETTIER COME 'OUT'SIDE WITH ME !! I mean online your Facebook , it's bored 'out' there . Honestly you dont need to feel insecure with your results , that's what you've got , can't change it nor hope for it to be changed . 

Keep your Swag on ,
Athirah Izzati is not ashamed of her result so you should to !

p/s : tapi tak perlu lah batak yg banyak A tu nak post slip kat fb/twitter/instagram etc. KAN ? org tanya jwb ah , tak fikir org yang dpt A sikit ni down ? Takdelah down , annoyed aje . well apa apa pun I'm happy for those who got great results , ANNYEONG !


Don't Look
15 March 2014
5 days left huh ? 
Mom , Dad  & family all I can say is
I am sorry .
I screwed my high school ,
I stopped having good grades since
I left for another school .
Completely useless am I ?
I am right ?
The worst is that
I am
Less than zero .

Sorry Mom .
Sorry Dad .
I've been avoiding talking
about this . Sorry Dad .
I replied coldly .
Did I hurt you ?
I'm going to hurt you even more .
I'm sorry Dad .
There are not much that I can repay you
I have to make myself 
I wont hurt you more that I ever did before.

Sorry for being useless .

Short Entry
09 March 2014

" I forget things easily . Too bad huh ? Yeah my bad . Usually when I'm alone , a lot of words popped out in my mind "What should I wrote in blog" "Maybe I can say it like this" . I will constantly arrange the words , unfortunately if I missed to write it down quickly , say bye bye to my fantastic writings . My level of memory is so damn sucks , I wish I can remember things a lot . Sometimes I thought that I really have Men's Brain- easily dump things which are less important . What can I say ? Seems like everything is not in my first priority hahaha . "

Last night , I dreamt of my friends plus my crush . Haha it was so funny yet heartwarming I wish it lasted longer although it was long enough for me to roll on my bed smiling like a crazy person . 

*long sigh* When can I meet him ?